About Me

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Hi, I'm Amarachi Amaechi a Front-End Developer who is focused on transforming UI designs into code and building applications that are scalable, accessible & user friendly!

I'm extremely passionate about building tools for developers, writing, speaking, and building developer communities. I am an international speaker, and have spoken at many meet-ups and conferences worldwide.

I am an Author, who recently published an ebook "Getting Started in tech: A guide to building a tech career". I write articles focused on web development, Blockchain technologies and personal development.

I organise Vuejs Nigeria a front-end developer community. when I am not coding or studying new technologies on the web, you can find me watching documentaries, movies, trying out new food recipes, and reading.

Skills & Tools

HTML5 CSS javascript bootstrap tailwindcss sass vuejs Nuxt React jamstack git github gitlab visual studio code node webpack webflow figma

My services

Website Development

I transform UI designs into code and building applications that are scalable, accesssible & user friendly

UX Design

I am currently learning User Experience design to be able to create outstanding prototypes and designs.

Technical Writing

I write well documented technical articles for clients and agencies.

Community Management

I build and manage community in the developer ecosystem such as Vuejs Nigeria & Bitpowr Technologies Community.

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